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Tibia Library, like libraries in general, is a place to read, research and study. In its bookshelves you can find many books and documents that exist in the Tibian lands. A great search function will help you find what you are looking for. The staff of Tibia Library also publishes research articles and stories based on Tibia legens and mysteries. In the forum you can exchange ideas and theories with others.

Our current mission is to complete a database on books.  Most of the books have been entered, but we still have a few minor things to accomplish. You can see the possibilities of how you can search already by trying an extended search, or viewing a book entry and seeing the types of information that we collect. 

For those interested in joining the team, register and become a member. If you are active, read our articles, discuss on the forum, you will be noticed and enjoy advantages such as being able to write news, stories, and research articles. You can read more about it here.

A small plee from a Librarian to all the visitors here.... Please keep the noise level down and the food outside.  The mice have been extremely active lately!

Gorak, Librarian


Fansite Item and Story Winners

It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of Tibia Library's fansite item and story contest.


Forum Updated

A small update to the forum was made that fixed the bbcode editor not loading along with a few other function and cosmetic changes.

Maps Updated

The google map of Tibia hosted on this site as well as the files for download have been updated for version 9.71.

Winter 2012 Test Server

I heard a whisper that the test server board for the winter update will be up and running soon (some time later today). If you wish to discuss anything about this test, or the update please feel free to post here.

Research Articles

Cults: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The use of the word “cult” to describe a group of individuals is often used in a negative fashion. Such groups are usually labeled this way because of their different lifestyles and beliefs.


Two Tales of One City

Covered by decades of dust, there are two conflicting accounts of Tibiantis in the Carlin Congress Hall Library; one titled Tibiantis and the other Tibiantis: Fact and Fiction. This essay will explore the claims of both essays and demonstrate how one should approach such books in a critical manner.


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